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The Grimm Brothers were not only acclaimed fairy tale writers and folklorists, but they also compiled a German dictionary together and Jacob created Grimm's law in linguistics which describes how the sounds in words change over time. But since we're more interested in fairy tales, here's the list of fairy tales we have available at PopularFairyTales.com.

Ashputtel (aka Cinderella) We know this fairy tale as Cinderella but the Grimms called is Ashputtel. It's the classic story of a girl who is abused by her stepmother and stepsisters who against all odds goes to a fancy ball and a prince falls in love with her.
Briar Rose (aka Sleeping Beauty Story) This is the Story of Sleeping Beauty, but she is given the name Briar Rose. In this version there are 13 fairies but only 12 were invited to the party for the Fing and Queen's daughter. The 13th fairy was angry and arrived at the party to cursed the girl to death on her 15th birthday. Luckily, there was one fairy left who managed to soften the curse to sleep instead of death.
Cat And Mouse In Partnership A cat and a mouse decide to keep house together but the cat deceives the mouse.
Clever Elsie Clever Elsie is a girl who turns out not to be very clever at all. She worries about troubles that don't really exist and is too lazy to work. Her husband wouldn't put up with her for long.
Clever Gretel This is the story of a maid who can't resist eating the 2 fowls she had cooked for her master and a guest. She tricked both the guest and her master so that she gets away with her misdeed.
Clever Hans Clever Hans isn't very clever at all. He manages to do everything wrong even though he thinks he's learning from previous experiences. Gretel is very patient with him, until the end.
Frederick And Catherine Frederick is a hard working man with a very dim witted new wife. She manages to ruin and waste everything she touches. Worst of all, she mistakenly gives away all of her husband's gold to thieves and then must try to retrieve it.
Fundevogel An old cook wants to boil a young boy but he and his sister outsmart the cook and the servants who try to catch the kids..
Hans In Luck This is a fairy tale about a man named Hans who wishes to return home to see his mother and the trades he makes to get there.
Hansel And Gretel This is the classic fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel who are abandoned in the woods and find their way to a witch's candy cottage. The witch tries to fatten Hansel up to eat, but the kids outsmart the witch.
Jorinda And Jorindel This is about a couple who are engaged to be married who encounter a witch who turns one of them into a nightingale.
Little Red-Cap [little Red Riding Hood] We know this fairy tale as Little Red Riding Hood, but the Grimm Brothers called it Little Red-Cap.
Mother Holle This fairy tale is about the rewards of hard work and the punishment of the lazy.
Old Sultan An old dog has to prove himself to his master so that he won't be shot.
Rapunzel This is the classic tale of Rapunzel who is locked in a tower and lets her hair down so that the witch (or the prince) can climb up to her.
Rumpelstiltskin A father boasted that his daughter could spin straw into gold, which the heard heard. So the girl was locked in the castle to spin the straw into gold and she would be killed if she didn't. Luckily, a hobgoblin came around and said he would do it for a price.
Snowdrop (aka Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs) We know this story as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs but the Grimms called it Snowdrop. It's the class tale of the jealous queen sending the princess into the woods to be killed. She comes upon the cottage of the seven dwarfs who let her stay. But the witch finds out she's still alive.
Sweetheart Roland A girl flees from her murderous stepmother (a witch) with her sweetheart named Roland. When they finally get rid of the witch, Roland returns home to prepare their wedding. However, he doesn't return for the girl who stays faithful for him.
The Adventures Of Chanticleer And Partlet This fairy tale is told in three parts: 1. How they went to the mountains to eat nuts, 2. How Chanticleer and Partlet went to visit Mr. Korbes, 3. How Partlet dies and was buried, and how Chanticleer died of grief
The Dog And The Sparrow A sparrow takes revenge on the man who killed her friend, the dog.
The Elves And The Shoemaker A poor but hard working shoemaker only had enough leather to make one pair of shoes which he had cut and ready to make. But he found the shoes already made by morning. The same good fortune continued.
The Fisherman And His Wife A greedy wife wants more and more until she's left with nothing.
The Four Clever Brothers Four sons of a poor man leave home to each learn a useful craft. One becomes a thief, one a star-gazer, one a huntsman, and one a tailor. They end up combining their skills to save a princess from a dragon.
The Fox And The Cat The fox is very arrogant and claims to be a master of many arts. Yet the cat who humbly claims only to master one art is able to flee for its life while the fox perishes.
The Frog-Prince A princess loses her golden ball in a spring. A talking frog says he will retrieve the ball if the princess lets him live with her, eat from her plate, and sleep in her bed. She agrees, and when the frog shows up at the castles she follows through with the agreement. In the end the enchanted frog transforms into a prince.
The Golden Bird A king sends his three sons, one at a time, in search of a golden bird that had been stealing their golden apples. The first two sons refuse to take good counsel on their journey and fail. When the third son takes the counsel he succeeds at his task, and fails when he doesn't take the good counsel. Yet the third son perseveres.
The Goose-Girl A young princess is betrayed by her waiting-maid and is forced to work as a goose-girl until the deceit is unvailed.
The Juniper-Tree A boy's evil stepmother kills the boy and implicates her daughter so that she will help keep the secret from the father. In the girl's grief, she buries her brother's bones under the tree where his real mother had been buried. A bird emerges from the bones and takes revenge on the stepmother.
The Little Peasant There is a poor peasant who lived among much richer peasants. The poor peasant wanted to also become rich and through some luck and trickery he outwits the rest of the town to attain their riches.
The Miser In The Bush A simple servant is generous with his very small amount of savings and is rewarded 3 wishes. He chooses his wishes well and it able to get money from a thief and have the thief brought to justice.
The Mouse, The Bird, And The Sausage The three characters set up house together and all goes well until the bird becomes unsatisfied with its chore and then everything falls apart.
The Old Man And His Grandson An old man isn't being treated well by his son and daughter in-law. However, the two change their ways when they realize how it is affecting their own son.
The Pink A young child who has the power of wishing is stolen from his mother, a queen, by an old cook. The Queen is punished harshly by the King and imprisoned in a tower. However, when the boy grows up he discovers the truth and uses his power of wishing to return home to his parents.
The Queen Bee Two princes go into the world to make their fortune but fail. The third and youngest prince then leaves and finds his two older brothers. While out in the world the youngest prince is kind and compassionate to creatures they come upon and is rewarded for his good deeds. The creatures help him break a spell on a castle and eventually became king.
The Robber Bridegroom A miller betrothed his daughter to a man who he thought was a good and rich man. However, the man was really a robber and a murderer. The girl discovers the man's secret and he is brought to justice for his evil deeds.
The Straw, The Coal, And The Bean A piece of straw, coal, and a bean all fallto the floor and are saved from being cooked or burned. They set off together for a foreign land. In the end we find out why beans have a black stripe.
The Three Languages A boy who was thought to be stupid was sent away for schooling and learned the languages of dogs, birds, and frogs. His father still thinks he's stupic and sends him away. However, these languages help him succeed in life.
The Travelling Musicians A group of old animals band together to try to be musicians in the city. On their way they find a house filled with robbers.
The Turnip A poor soldier becomes a gardener to try to make a living. He grows a giant turnip which he gives to the King. The king rewards him with great riches, which makes his brother murderously jealous.
The Twelve Dancing Princesses A King wanted to find out why his twelve daughter's shoes were worn out every morning. An old soldier volunteers to find out and discovers that the twelve princesses sneak off at night and dance with princes who live in an underground castle.
The Valiant Little Tailor A small tailor goes out in the world and connives his way to a better life and eventually becomes king.
The White Snake A servant eats a portion of the king's white snake and gains the ability to understand the language of animals. With this ability he understands the plight of various animals and saves them. In return, these creatures help him to complete tasks to win a Princess's hand in marriage.
The Willow-Wren And The Bear A war is waged between the willow-wrens and a bear who insulted their children.
The Wolf And The Seven Little Kids A goat leaves her 7 kids at home with instructions not to let the wolf in. But the wolf tricks the kids and he eats all the kids except for one. The one remaining kid tells the mother goat what happened and she finds the wolf asleep under a tree. She then cuts open the wolf to free her kids.
Tom Thumb This is the story of a man and his wife who longed to have a child, even if he was no bigger than the size of a thumb. It turns out that their wish was fulfilled and had a son who never grew bigger than a thumb. But he was strong and clever and had lots of adventures.

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Brothers Grimm Factoids

  • Jacob Grimm did more of the research into the fairy tales, while Wilhelm gave them their child-like feel style in written form.
  • Zenescope Comics began releasing a comic series in 2005 called Grimm Fairy Tales. It is a horror comic book series based on the old fairy tales with a modern horrific twist.
  • The Brothers Grimm were German brothers Jacob Grimm, born January 4th, 1785, and Wilhelm Grimm, born February 24th,1786.

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The fairy tale collecting by the Grimm Brothers was really secondary to their goals in linguistics. They came about as part of their linguistic research when they were studying the oral recitation of the fairy tales by peasants and villagers..


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