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Joseph Jacobs was not only a folklorist, but also a historian and litlerature critic. He contributed to the Jewish Encyclopaedia and translated European works of literature. The Grimm Brothers had collected German fairy tales for German children which inspired Jacobs to do the same for English children who had mainly been reading French and German fairy tales. Here is the list of Joseph Jacobs collection of English fairy tales.

Binnorie A young princess is killed by her jealous older sister.
Cap O' Rushes A girl is tossed out by her father who doesn't think she loves him. He was wrong and she proves it.
Childe Rowland A brother sets out to fairyland to free his sister and two other brothers from the King Elf.
Earl Mar's Daughter A Prince is a bird by day and a man by night falls in love with and secretly marries Earl Mars Daughter.
Fairy Ointment A nurse was hired to help a family of imps and ends up using their fairy ointment on her right eye. This gives her the ability to sees what she's not supposed to see.
Henny-Penny A hen thinks the sky is falling and sets out to tell the King. She collects a group of followers along the way, but they're tricked by a fox.
Hereafterthis A man's wife manages to ruin everything she tries, but luck prevails in the end.
How Jack Went To Seek His Fortune A boy sets out with several animals and manages to scare away robbers and keep their loot.
Jack And His Golden Snuff-Box A young man gets ahead in life with the use of three magic creatures in a snuff box.
Jack And The Beanstalk The classic fairy tale about Jack, his magic beans, and his encounters a giant ogre.
Jack Hannaford A foolish farmer and his foolish wife who get tricked out of there money by Jack Hannaford.
Jack The Giant-Killer A man travels the country slaying giants and is rewarded by King Arthur with marriage to his daughter.
Johnny-Cake A Johnny-Cake gets away from all who want to eat it, except the sly fox.
Kate Crackernuts A story about two step-sisters. The Queen was jealous of her pretty step-daughter and has her terribly transformed.
Lazy Jack A lazy and dumb boy's mother sends him out to work. His incompetence eventually pays off when he makes a beautiful girl laugh.
Master Of All Masters A man changes the names of eveyday items to something silly.
Molly Whuppie A clever young girl outwits a giant several times and impresses the king.
Mouse And Mouser The story of a cat and a mouse told in rhyme.
Mr. Fox A young woman is about to marry Mr. Fox until she discovers who he really is.
Mr. Miacca It's a cautionary tale for bad boys. Bad boys will get caught by Mr. Miacca and eaten for supper.
Mr. Vinegar A foolish man wastes his money on several foolish trades at the fair.
My Own Self The story od a widow and her naughty young son. The boy refuses to do as his mother asks.
Nix Nought Nothing A King's son was accidently promised to a giant and his parents try to keep him safe.
Teeny-Tiny The story of a teeny tiny woman and her teeny tiny life.
The Ass, The Table, And The Stick A young man leaves home to get away from his ill-tempered father and makes good for himself.
The Cat And The Mouse A story about a cat that bites of a mouse's tale and what the mouse has to do to get it back.
The Cauld Lad Of Hilton A fairy tale about a mischievious imp type character called a Brownie.
The Fish And The Ring A great magician tries to change fate but finds out that he can't change it.
The Golden Arm A man loves his wife's golden arm more than the wife herself.
The Golden Ball A girl is to be hung because she lost a golden ball, but her sweetheart saves her.
The History Of Tom Thumb The story of a boy the size of a thumb. The tale goes from Tom Thumb's birth to his death and all his adventures along the way.
The Laidly Worm Of Spindleston Heugh A princess that is turned into a dragon by her evil stepmother.
The Magpie's Nest A fairy tale that explains how different birds learned how to build their nests.
The Master And His Pupil A master has a book that contains all the secrets of the spiritual world. The master's pupil is foolish and meddles where he shouldn't.
The Old Woman And Her Pig A woman sets in motion a series of events to get her pig home.
The Pied Piper The classic tale about a town overrun by rats and the piper who is hired to lure them away.
The Red Ettin Two brothers separately set out to seek their fortune. The clever brother was successful in his journey.
The Rose-Tree An evil step-mother kills her beautiful step-daughter. But the girl manages to exact her revenge.
The Story Of The Three Bears It's very similar to Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but instead of Goldilocks there is an old woman.
The Story Of The Three Little Pigs The classic fairy tale about three little pigs, their houses and the big bad wolf.
The Strange Visitor A lonely woman wishes for company. She ends up with a visitor who arrives in pieces.
The Three Heads Of The Well A princess is given special gifts of fortune from three heads in a well.
The Three Sillies A gentleman courted a girl who turned out to be very silly, as were her parents. The gentleman wouldn't marry her until he could find 3 sillier people.
The Well Of The World's End It's a story similar to the Frog Prince in that a girl is helped by a frog who turns out to be a prince.
Titty Mouse And Tatty Mouse A mouse dies and everyone's mourning ruins everything.
Tom Tit Tot It's a very similar to Rumpelstiltskin. The main differences are the name and the main character isn't after the Queen's first born, but after the queen herself.
Whittington And His Cat The story of a very poor boy and his trip to London looking for a better life.

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Joseph Jacobs Factoids

  • Joseph Jacobs says of his English Fairy Tales, "Of the eighty-seven tales contained in my two volumes, thirty-eight are Märchen proper, ten sagas or legends, nineteen drolls, four cumulative stories, six beast tales, and ten nonsense stories."
  • Jacobs won a scholarship to the University of Sydney for classics, Mathematics and chemistry. A far cry from fairy tales.
  • Jacobs wrote, edited and translated 29 books that are known, but there may have been many more for which he was a ghostwriter. He also wrote numerous articles, reviews, and encyclopaedia entries in his illustrious career.

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In addition to Joseph Jacobs collection of English fairy tales he also edited Celtic Fairy Tales (1892), More Celtic Fairy Tales (1894), Indian Fairy Tales (1912), and Eauropean Folk and Fairy Tales (1916)


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