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Hans Christian Andersen was a socially awkward child and also as a man. It is thought that he used this experience as central character traits and themes within his fairy tales. He loved to immerse himself in the fantasy of his stories.

A Cheerful Temper A man with a good temper walks through a cemetery and remembers people who were not of such good temper and character.
A Story A pastor tries to save his wife from eternal unrest
Anne Lisbeth A beautiful woman sends her homely son to be raised by a laborer's wife. He has a rough life an dies young, feeling unloved.
Beauty Of Form And Beauty Of Mind A sculptor becomes enchanted with the daughter of an inquisitive old lady.
By The Almshouse Window An old lady watches children play and remembers her life.
Children's Prattle Three children of privileged birth talk about how important it is to be born into a family with status in order to achieve well in life. But a poor boy proves them wrong.
Delaying Is Not Forgetting Three stories that illustrate the phrase that delaying is not forgetting.
Jack The Dullard Two well-spoken brothers and their not as bright younger brother set out to woo a princess. The 2 older brothers fumble with their words but Jack the dullard is not flustered around the princess.
Little Tiny Or Thumbelina Story A woman wanted a little child and was granted the wish by a fairy gave her a little girl the size of a thumb. Many bad things happen to the small girl but she eventually falls in love with the fairy prince.
The Angel A crippled boy who cannot play outside finds joy in a flower.
The Beetle Who Went On His Travels A beetle thinks he's better than everything else and ends up going on a long journey. encountering many different creatures who all have a different view on the world from the beetle.
The Bell The sweet sound of a bell is coming from woods but no one knows exactly where the sound is from.
The Bell-Deep A low lying place called Bell-Deep is where an old lonely water spirit dwells with only an old bell for company.
The Bird Of Popular Song A bird comes into being from the harp of a singer who sings of a king's brave acts.
The Bishop Of Borglum And His Warriors A mighty lord has great possessions but still he longs for more.
The Bottle Neck The broken neck of a bottle is plugged with a cork and used to hold water for a bird in a cage. The bottle neck feels sorry for itself and tells of his life as a whole bottle.
The Brave Tin Soldier A tin soldier with only one leg falls in love with a beautiful paper ballerina. He gets knocked out of the window and in a strange series of events, finds his way back into the house from which he came, but not with a happy ending.
The Buckwheat A fairy tale about how buckwheat was burnt by lightning because it was too proud to bend in the storm.
The Butterfly A butterfly wished for a bride and wanted to marry a pretty flower. He set out to find which kind of flower he should marry.
The Child In The Grave A mother falls into the depths of despair after the death of her little boy and she loses her faith.
The Conceited Apple-Branch An apple branch feels it's better than other plants.
The Daisy A small daisy was a happy flower that rejoiced in its surroundings. It loved the sunshine, the grass in which it lived and the birds flying above.
The Darning-Needle A darning needle was very proud and always wanted better for herself, but she breaks and gets lost. Even so, she keeps a positive attitude.
The Drop Of Water An old man uses a magnifying glass to examine a drop of pond water and is surprised by what he sees.
The Dryad A dryad that lives within an oak tree loves to hear about the world from all the flying creatures, but wishes she could see it for herself.
The Dumb Book A dead man is to be buried with the book of pressed plants that he cherished in life.
The Elf Of The Rose A tiny elf that lives in a rose witnesses comes upon a loving couple in the woods and then witnesses the brutal murder of the man by the woman's brother.
The Elfin Hill A grand event is being planned at the elfin hill. The elfin king has arranged to have two of his daughters married to sons of a Norwegian goblin. All the important beings from the area will be invited.
The Emperor's New Clothes An Emperor who is excessively fond of new clothes is conned into believing his new clothes were made of cloth that is invisible to simpletons or people who are unfit for their office.
The Farm-Yard Cock And The Weather-Cock Both the yard cock and the weather cock are proud creatures, although the weather cock is just a cast iron cock mounted on the farmhouse.
The Fir Tree
The Flax
The Flying Trunk It's the tale of a foolish merchant's son who inherits great riches but throws it away on foolish behaviour. He is given a flying trunk by a friend and it appears that he will manage to pull himself out of poverty until he manages to destroy the trunk.
The Girl Who Trod On The Loaf This is the story of a girl who grow up to be very conceited and mean in her demeanor. She was so mean that instead of delivering a loaf of bread to her poor mother, she used it to step on to keep her shoes clean. She was severely punished for her bad ways.
The Goblin And The Huckster This is a story of human nature. A goblin lives comfortably with a huckster but is drawn to a student who loves to read poetry. He can't decided between the two people.
The Golden Treasure The drummer's wife went into the church. She saw the new altar with the painted pictures and the carved angels.
The Little Match Girl A poor little girl freezes to death while trying to sell matches on New Year's Eve.
The Little Mermaid A young mermaid saves a prince from drowning and becomes infatuated with him. She would do anything to become human and sells her voice for the chance to try to win the prince's heart.
The Princess And The Pea A prince was looking to marry a real princess, so his mother divised a test too see if a girl who arrives at his door is a real princess, as she claims.
The Shepherd's Story Of The Bond Of Friendship The bond of friendship is an oath in which two friends agree to be like brothers in life and death. In this story one friend dies and his bonded brother takes in his daughter to raise. She becomes a loved member of her new family.
The Snow Queen (fairy Tale In Seven Stories) A girl sets out to save her best friend from the Snow Queen. It's a fairy tale told in seven stories: 1. Story the First 2. A little Boy and a Little Girl 3. The Flower Garden of the Woman Who Could Conjure 4. The Prince and Princess 5. Little Robber-Girl 6. The Lapland Woman and the Finland Woman 7. Of the Palace of the Snow Queen and What Happened There at Last
The Ugly Duckling An ugly duckling is shunned for its looks, but it grows into a beautiful swan.

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Hans Christian Anderson Factoids

  • Andersen created his second series of fairy tales in 1838 and the third series in 1840. Over this time his fame from these fairy tales grew steadily across Europe.
  • Hans Christian Andersen may have suffered from dyslexia and was discouraged from writing. It's a good thing that he didn't listen to his detractors.
  • H.C. Andersen's life and work was celebrated worldwide in 2005 which marked the bicentenary (200th anniversary) of his birth.

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Hans Christian Andersen was a masterful story teller. His fairy tales weren't an immediate critical success, but the popularity spread quickly and he has become a legend in his native land of Denmark.


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