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Charles Perrault studied law and had a career in the government before becoming a fairy tale author. At the age of 67, after losing his post as secretary of the Academy of Inscriptions and Belles-Lettres, he decided to dedicate himself to his children and published Tales and Stories of the Past with Morals: Tales of Mother Goose

Beauty And The Beast A prince was trapped in the body of a beast and can only be saved by true love.
Blue Beard A wealthy man had a blue beard which made him unattractive to women and girls.
Cinderella, Or The Little Glass Slipper The classic fairy tale about a girl enslaved by her evil stepmother who overcomes adversity with the help of her fairy godmother and marries a prince
Donkey-skin A King's wife dies and he becomes demented with grief. His daughter, the Princess, must now escape the madness.
Little Red Riding-Hood A little girl encounters a wolf on her way to grandma's house. The wolf then gets to grandma's house first and tries to trick Red Riding Hood.
Little Tom Thumb A boy was no bigger than one's thumb but he was very bright and had lots of adventures.
Princess Rosette Fairies predict a princess named Rosette will somehow cause the death of her brothers.
Ricky Of The Tuft A a prince was born very ugly but a fairy gave him the gift of intelligence. A princess who was born beautiful but very stupid. They were each given the ability to give their greatest asset to one they loved most.
The Fairy There are two sisters, one who is rude and disagreeable and the other is polite and pleasant. The nice sister is rewarded for her disposition by a fairy. The other sister wants the same reward but is punished for her rudeness.
The Friendly Frog A Queen is trapped by the lion-witch and is befriended by a magical frog.
The Master Cat, Or Puss In Boots A poor miller's son only inherited a cat, but the cat ends up tricking a king and an ogre to change the boy's life for the better.
The Ridiculous Wishes A poor woodcutter is given three wishes by Jupiter and is warned to be careful with his wishes since his happiness depends on it.
The Sleeping Beauty In The Wood A princess is cursed by a bad fairy to prick her finger and sleep to 100 years.

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Charles Perrault Factoids

  • Charles Perrault was born January 12, 1628 in Paris. He died May 16, 1703 also in Paris.
  • Perrault was 67 when he wrote Tales and Stories of the Past with Morals and the subtitle, Tales of Mother Goose
  • Charles Perrault's wife died young (25 years old) after the birth of their daughter. They also had three sons. Perrault had not yet written his fairy tales although he probably did tell the tales to his children as was the oral tradition of folk tales.

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Charles Perrault fairy tales were all based on oral folktales of the time and he is credited with starting a new genre of literature. He was followed by the Grimms who wanted to gather German fairy tales in the way Perrault had done for French fairy tales.


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Perrault's Mother Goose


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