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Beatrix Potter wrote 23 small illustrated books for children based on animal characters. Here are the stories that we have available at PopularFairyTales.com. Either read them online or print them and enjoy at your leisure

The Pie And The Patty-Pan A cat named Ribby invites a dog named Duchess to dinner, but the dog is afraid the cat will serve mouse pie. So Duchess decides to make a pie that she likes.
The Roly-Poly Pudding A kitten named Tom Twitchit hides from his mother but is caught by rats and almost made into a roly-poly pudding
The Story Of A Fierce Bad Rabbit A bad rabbit steals a carrot from the good rabbit and scratches the good rabbit badly. But, the bad rabbit ends up getting its tail shot off.
The Story Of Miss Moppet A cat named Miss Moppet bumps her head when trying to catch a mouse. She eventually catches the mouse but it gets away.
The Tailor Of Gloucester A poor tailor is making a waistcoat for the wedding of the Mayor of Gloucester, but falls ill before he can finish it. Luckily, some mice finish the coat for him while he is ill.
The Tale Of Benjamin Bunny Benjamin Bunny helps his cousin Peter retrieve the clothes that he lost in Mr. McGregor's garden. While there they get trapped under a bucket by a cat and need to be saved by Benjamin's father.
The Tale Of Ginger & Pickles Two shop owners (a cat named Ginger and a dog named Pickles) aren't very good at running their business. They accept credit but never get repaid.
The Tale Of Jemima Puddle-Duck A dimwitted duck named Jemima Puddle-Duck who wants to sit on her own eggs but gets tricked by a fox who plans to make her into roast duck.
The Tale Of Mr. Jeremy Fisher A frog named Jeremy Fisher goes fishing for minnows and plans to invite friends over for dinner. It doesn't go as he would have liked.
The Tale Of Mr. Tod A badger steals Benjamin and Flopsy Bunny's babies and goes to one of Mr. Tod's empty houses. When Mr. Tod returns home he ends up having a huge fight with the badger, Tommy Brock.
The Tale Of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle A little girl lost her 3 handkerchiefs and a pinny. She set out to find them and encounters a small washer woman (or was she a hedgehog?).
The Tale Of Mrs. Tittlemouse An obsessively clean mouse named Mrs. Tittlemouse tries to rid her house of messy intruders.
The Tale Of Peter Rabbit A bunny named Peter Rabbit doesn't listen to his mother and eats from the garden of Mr. McGregor where he is almost caught.
The Tale Of Pigling Bland A pig with 8 children can't keep them all. She sends 7 of them away, including Pigling Bland. Pigling Bland is supposed to go to the market but gets lost along the way.
The Tale Of Squirrel Nutkin A rude squirrel named Squirrel Nutkin doesn't show the proper respect to an owl who is letting the squirrels collect nuts from his island. Nutkin ends up paying a price for his rudeness.
The Tale Of The Flopsy Bunnies The flopsy bunnies fall asleep after eating too much lettuce and are caught by Mr. McGregor and stuffed into his sack. They are saved by Thomasina Tittlemouse.
The Tale Of Timmy Tiptoes A squirrel named Timmy Tiptoes stored some of his nuts in a tree hollowed by a woodpecker. He gets trapped in the tree but he's too fat to get out.
The Tale Of Tom Kitten Mrs. Tabitha Twitchit dresses her kittens up in their best clothes for a party and then sends them out to wait while she prepares the food. Her kittens, including Tom, lose all their clothes while outside.
The Tale Of Two Bad Mice Two mice trash a doll house when they discover that the food inside is fake. However, they do make up for the mess they made in the end.

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Beatrix Potter Factoids

  • Beatrix Potter was born Helen Beatrix Potter in London, England on July 28, 1866. She died December 22, 1943.
  • The Beatrix Potter Collection is a set of 9 half hour animated stories of Peter Rabbit and many more of Potter's famous characters. BBC produced this series of beautifully animated shows.
  • Although Beatrix Potter was discouraged by her parents from pursuing higher education, she was interested in mycology as a career, which is the study of mushrooms. Her career aspirations were largely due to her desire to lead a life independent of her parents. She became successful in her mycology career and was considered on expert in the field.

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Beatrix Potter was not only a celebrated author of children's stories, but also a terrific illustrator. She illustrated her own stories which really brought them to life.


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